Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Virtual Clothing – A New Shift In The Fashion Industry

Source: The Fabricant website

Amid the glorious fashion weeks, what if someone tells you to own a beautiful dress that doesn’t exist? When everything has turned digital, it was obvious that the fashion industry had to follow. It seems fascinating to everyone about digital clothing.

Digital or virtual clothing is something that doesn’t exist physically but has a creative online version. Digital clothing is designed in a 3-D rendered form only. Intriguing isn’t it? 

That means you can try the dress or statement jacket virtually not in real life. Believe it or not but virtual fashion has become a reality. With so many new technologies, the fashion industry is becoming advanced day by day.

The world is yet to recover from the global pandemic and it has affected every part of the world. Having no or limited earnings people are spending wisely on their clothing. Brands are finding many ways to attract customers or generating multiple ideas to keep them interested.

Source: The Fabricant website

Gucci has decided to present two shows this year. Both of these shows will be seasonless as per the announcement. It is the obvious effect of COVID-19 and global lockdown. No fashion brand can have a public show for the next few months.

If we focus on the positive side, the brands should focus on bringing on new advancements into the industry. Brands can leverage the future of fashion through virtual clothing trends. It is advanced and can attract a generation where social media is an undivided part of their lives.

Source: The Fabricant website

Since this pandemic has promoted a digital way of living, it can be fruitful if brands will invest in the future of the fashion industry. In this case, it is virtual clothing. People avoid going out and even try a piece of cloth that they like. The future of the fashion industry seems bright even in this pandemic.

Many industry leaders are partnering to present the latest designs online. Since it seems easier for them to validate a fashion trend digitally among the customers. However, it is hard to say if it is the future of the industry or not.

Clothing is not just a purchase; it is a feeling. For anyone who loves to shop or even if he/she doesn’t, buying perfect clothing is like a sentiment. Whenever someone buys something to wear, the stuff, color, and embellishment details take up a room in his/her mind and heart.

Is this possible online? Certainly not. But it is good to try that design virtually first and then buying it. The idea has yet to become commonplace in the next 10 years but now it is just in the trial period.

Apart from being a revolutionary digital object, the virtual clothing is also beneficial to the earth. It is sustainable since no clothing is being wasted in the making process. It saves a lot of clothing and other raw materials because no physical cloth is being created. Virtual clothing can become digital couture that can be accessed without actually visiting the store.

It had to start somewhere so it all started with virtual clothing named Iridescence. It was a 3-D rendered fluid designed dress for women. This digital dress was designed by a Dutch startup The Fabricant, Dapper Labs, and an augmented reality creator Johanna Jaskowska.

The idea of having a digital dress is mind-blowing. What’s even more mind-blowing is the fact that this dress sold for $9500. The CEO of QuantumStamp, Richard Ma bought this dress for his wife. Ma decided to give this digital innovation a shot in a blockchain event held in New York.

When asked about his decision to buy this dress for his wife, Ma said that he agrees this dress is expensive but it is an innovation. He bought it for his wife because he saw it as a long-term investment instead of an expense.

Founder of The Fabricant, Kerry Murphy believes that virtual fashion is soon becoming the only normal in the fashion industry. Virtual clothing can soon become a trend worldwide. Thus, multiple luxury brands are going to adopt this digital-only collection. Murphy also confirmed that his company has approached many brands to make the digital collection a reality.



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