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The New Face From South Africa: Interview with Genna Grebe

Interview with Genna Grebe
Fashion Model Genna Grebe

Genna Grebe calls herself the human version of tangled earphones. She is represented by Twenty Model Management. You can see her portfolio here.

Q: When did you decide to start modeling? How did you get your start in the industry?

A: I got approached by my current agency after they came across my Instagram profile in early 2019, they select me and asked me to come

What has your experience been like as a model in South Africa? What makes South Africa interesting as a place to work?

South Africa is such an awesome place to work in as there is no shortage of talent or fantastic people to work with. I would not say I have a great deal of experience in working in the modeling industry as I haven’t had a shoot in quite a while and it has been quite a challenge balancing it with my academic career. However, from my small experience, it has been incredible and I have loved every second of it

What sort of clients would you like to work with? What are your preferences?

I ideally would want to work with clients who have good beliefs, I wouldn’t want to work for a client who doesn’t stand for the movements and ideologies that I believe in. I also want my client to respect me as a person.

How do you approach modeling?

I would love to say that I approach it in a cool calm and collected manner but it isn’t so easy when I first arrive on set. I am usually very nervous and excited but after talking to other models, the photographers and the MUAs on set I feel much calmer and am ready to just be myself in front of the camera. My only tip is to not get too much into your head, it just stresses you out which is never fun (especially in front of cameras!).

It is often said that the golden age of modeling was the 1990s. How do you think modeling has changed since then? What is different about modeling now compared to the past?

I agree with that statement to a degree but I simply do not think it is possible to compare the two eras. The current fashion era we find ourselves in is completely different from the 90s fashion era. Modeling today has evolved, I think the industry is currently the most inclusive it has ever been. If we compare the two we are comparing two different looks and different types of people.

You’re a student. How do you balance modeling and your academic studies?

It is very difficult to balance, as many castings and shoots take place during the week. A lot of compromising and convincing goes into being allowed to go during school time.

What do you think the future of modeling will be about?

I think that the future of modeling will be about spreading awareness about the diversity of body types and unique looks that do not conform to western beauty standards.

With Instagram a big way for how models get discovered today, do you see this route becoming more or less important especially with expanded notions of beauty, inclusivity, and diversity?

I think that it is becoming much more important in today’s society, a huge widespread effort is being made to dismantle what was previously considered the “beauty standard” and replacing it with a more encompassing standard of beauty that consists of loving yourself and not striving to meet anyone’s beauty expectation but your own.

Working on a project with a client is usually a collaboration among members of a team. What do you bring to a project that is unique? How do you see your role with respect to team dynamics and collaboration?

I like to think that I am a very down to earth fun person to work with, I generally tend to crack a bad joke or two when I am nervous (which is often) and almost always have a smile on my face. I am a quick thinker and always wanting to try new ideas, my aim in a team is to make sure all the work gets done while still having fun.

Why did you choose to become a model?

I was taken off guard when Twenty Model Management got in contact with me but I decided that it would be an exciting new experience and I knew I would regret not trying it since the opportunity had arisen.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself hopefully still modeling but I plan to be completing my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology.

Can you describe your perfect project?

My perfect project would be a group project near the ocean or promoting marine conservation for sure.

Who are your favorite models right now?

Definitely Cara Delevigne and Gisele Bündchen



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