Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pre-Fall 2020 Paco Rabanne Belongs in An Art Gallery

Photo: Stef Mitchell / Courtesy of Paco Rabanne

The cool kids who frequent art openings in International capitals like New York, London, and Paris comfortably hang around with carefree ease and a youthful self-consciousness in Paco Rabanne’s pre-fall 2020 collection. These are the reflections and transparency of the youth which make them the actual art on display. They are more than models when as American Vogue writes: “The label’s pre-fall look book was shot in a curvy glass cylinder installation by the artist Dan Graham”. You can see the pre-fall 2020 look book imagined by Julien Dossena here.

Julien Dossena

Photo:Christian MacDonald, Interview Magazine A designer mentored and groomed for success, he is the creative director of Paco Rabanne. Julien has brought the brand back to “covetable relevancy”. Read a feature on him by W Magazine.

Dan Graham

Installation view at Marian Goodman Award-winning artist Dan Graham had an unhappy childhood. His art acts as a mirror to his troubled childhood and early experience with mental illness. Watch a captivating video on Vimeo about the artist and his work here.



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