Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Model Contest: The most memorable new face in South Africa

At Modelrecs, we sincerely believe that fashion should be fun! Therefore, we have designed some of our content around the idea of contests and games. We utilize the competitive spirit of our contestants to showcase their talent and creativity. 

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South Africa is filled with a diversity of talent and beauty. We would like to showcase these attributes to the rest of the world. Modelrecs organized a new faces model contest. We have divided the competition into phases. The first phase was the submission of entries; the second phase was creating a shortlist; the third phase will be narrowing down the shortlist to 10 contestants hand-picked by Preston Chaunsumlit; the fourth phase is to post the 10 contestants on the Modelrecs Instagram account @modelrecsdotcom; the fifth phase is picking the winner based on the social engagement of the post with the most likes; the sixth stage is promoting the winner to 20,000 Instagram accounts; the seventh and final stage is an interview of the winner which will appear here on the Modelrecs Fashion Magazine Blog.

All twenty-one contestants shortlisted for the Model Contest: The most memorable new face in South Africa will be published on the Modelrecs digital fashion publishing platform by TeamModelrecs.

The Shortlist



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