Monday, June 27, 2022

From waste to fashion, THE Home X Destination AMA upcycling contest goes beyond sustainability

THE Home and Destination AMA invites fashion brands and designers to bring life to unwanted and pre-loved items by turning them from trash to treasure with a unique upcycling contest.

Responsible fashion change agency Destination AMA @destination.ama and non-profit organization that ignites social change and serves major ecological concerns THE Home @itsthehome are joining forces and taking action to heal the broken system by offering everyone to take part in creating a circular and climate-positive world.

With #UpcycleForTheHome, they invite fashion brands, independent fashion designers, artists, and anyone who simply wants to create, to bring life to unwanted and pre-loved items by turning them from trash to treasure. The contest will be held on Instagram all summer. All the creations will be donated to THE Home and help the organization to raise money to support its mission and make an impact in the world.

“This campaign aims to help the planet by reducing waste, extraction of raw materials and tackling overconsumption,” says Anna Abyzov, head of sustainable fashion at THE Home and founder of Destination AMA. “While all participants will enhance their visibility, the winners will get 30% from the benefices through our auction sales during the final stage of the project.”

Full information can be found on the website:

All photos: @fountainheadnyc by @doyeljoshi 

About Destination AMA

Destination AMA is a responsible fashion change agency serving as an optimal fashion sustainability guidebook.

About THE Home

THE Home, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Venice, CA, is creating a network of Regenerative Farms and Permaculture Gardens to serve as healing and educational centers for anyone in need. Being focused on displaced populations, it will provide all the residents with holistic health care and necessary skills to take on future “green” job opportunities.