Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fashion Houses Are Planning to Start Having Events Behind Closed Doors

Covid-19 has shown its major effects everywhere. Every industry around the world has been affected tremendously. Many companies are shutting down and facing lost revenue. Amid this pandemic, the fashion industry is also suffering. The most sought-after in-person fashion week events are now turning into online fashion week.

Just the way football events are starting to restart, the global fashion weeks are also following their path. Most of the events can’t be publicly accessed due to the widespread coronavirus. Some events are planned to go online in the coming months.

The fashion week events will be restarted behind closed doors. That means the audience will not be allowed to watch the show live and in-person. The entire collection will be shown through a series of films. Some brands will have a catwalk where only models and other staff will be present. While other brands will have a fundraising live event. 

Christian Dior has announced a major show. Christian Dior’s show that was earlier going to be held in May will now take place on July 22, 2020. 

The cruise show is known for its lavish catwalk and celebrity presence. This year’s cruise show is planned to be held in Piazza del Duomo, a city in Lecce, Italy. The entire crew of the show will be made up of makeup artists, models, and musicians. The city’s baroque cathedral will be used as a backdrop of the catwalk.

Last year’s cruise show was star-studded. It was held in Marrakech and several actors and singers were present in the show. Singer Diana Ross along with the actors Shailene Woodley and Lupita Nyong’o also attended the show. Dior’s chief executive officer, Pietro Beccari said that this year’s show will be entirely different because it will be aired as a beautiful film. Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri said the show will only have close friends and family members in attendance.

Burberry on the other hand has another plan. The show will take place outdoors. The location is not decided yet but according to the designer Riccardo Tisci, it will be within the natural landscape of Britain. The London fashion week is scheduled for September 17th of this year. It will be a physical show that will be accessible to everyone digitally. Tisci made it clear that there will be no one present at the location except models and fashion week team members.

Dior is a brand that was founded after a war and launched a New Look in 1947. Thus, it has a history of innovation during uncertain times. Dior is planning to run a live show within a couple of months. The brand is hoping to have a couple of attendees at the show. 

Milan is going to set a milestone to run a digital-first event in early July. Dolce & Gabbana will run a show for a purpose. It will be staged in the gardens of Humanitas University. The event will fund a coronavirus research program. Only the fashion industry insiders will attend the Dolce & Gabbana event.

Since the fashion industry is restarting quickly, it is obvious that powerful brands are not going to be spectators of the virus’ effects. They are stepping ahead instead of staying idle during the pandemic is still of the flick. 

Maria Grazia Chiuri has a unique mission these days. She asked everyone to support other members of the fashion team including electricians, carpenters, ceramicists, and embroiderers. 

She has a holiday and an ancestral home in Puglia. While staying there she is trying to send a message of hope and optimism for everyone who is connected to the show.



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