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Creating Your Own Opportunities: Interview with Keashlan Dewrance

Model Keashlan Dewrance

Photo by: Sikhongoze Brian Memani

Modelrecs gives recognition to underrepresented talent from all over the world who post on our digital publishing platform, some of whom reach out to us on Instagram. Keashlan Dewrance is a beautiful South African polymath who takes the initiative to get her creative ideas seen by the public. She reached out to us in April and we loved her look and work so much so that we encouraged her to create an account and post her fashion stories. We liked her work on Instagram as well and decided to interview her to learn more about how she got to be so fabulous!

The story she posted on Modelrecs can be found here.

Keashlan Dewrance, proudly South African, age 22. Currently studying towards her National Diploma in Information technology. Her side hustles include being a brand ambassador for local companies, Coffeasidar SA and Nikki Hair. She is also an affiliate at Model Camp SA and has worked closely with Neetasha Singh at her annual workshops, as a Posing instructor. One of her biggest aspirations in life is to have a bite of the pie, that is fashion modeling. “This face was made for the magazines, okay!”

Q: When did your interest in fashion start? Why did you start modeling and being a stylist for your shoots?

A: My love for fashion started at a tender age, I was intrigued by television programs such as Americas Next Top Model, The Life of Kimora, and pretty much anything on the Style Network. My first accolade, being crowned Best Dressed in grade 6, at the school’s annual fun day.

I am a firm believer in creating your opportunities, I haven’t really had much exposure with South African agencies due to the height restriction for fashion modeling, so I could only do commercial work which really isn’t where my passion lies. I am a poser! I am a future Miss Vogue, so I thought to myself instead of waiting to be booked, why not explore my creative side.

What is your process for selecting the clothes for your shoots?

Depending on the concept of the shoot, I first check my personal closet for items, if I lack anything thereafter, I go shopping for it. Sometimes it is the reverse, where I see an item in the store and go,” oh boy, this needs a photoshoot” and derive a concept from there.

Which designers would you like to pull their clothes for a shoot in South Africa and why?

DAVID TLALE, my favorite South African designer, his work screams dignified and is far from predictable, I absolutely adore him, and it would be an honor to form part of any of his projects.

Which foreign designers would you like to pull clothes for in a shoot? What is it about their creativity that draws you to their garments, shoes, or accessories?

GIVENCHY, I doubt there is a lady under the sun who doesn’t want to be Aubrey Hepburn, right?’ season after season this brand has maintained relevance and remains the epitome of class, also, the beauty of simplicity is what has me hooked for life.

What are some obstacles you face when putting a shoot together and how do you overcome those obstacles?

Working things out from scratch, doing the work of five people, being the model, the stylist, the creative director, the pose instructor, etc. Haha, I honestly do not see them as challenges anymore, it has become second nature and I absolutely enjoy every minute of it.

How do you edit your images to tell a story? For example, The Femme Spotif shoot. Walk us through your process for editing the images?

The Femme Sportif photoshoot was photographed and edited by Sikhongoze Brian Memani, founder of Faucetgraphy. This is what he had to say,” I’m really into fashion and I always try to document my picture to have detail like stitching and design on fabrics, my goal is to make people understand there are a bigger vision and detail behind every photo, every photo has a story to tell. Editing is always visionary before I even get the laptop out. When Keash told me, she wanted the photoshoot on a hockey field, we ran through ideas together on how we’d make it work, the idea was for the pictures not be overly sporty but more fashionable, more feminine. She told me that she would wear black and I immediately thought Adam’s family dark. I then created presets and applied grading to the photos. The results were as planned, dark, and fashionable.

Keashlan Dewrance in her The Femme Sportif shoot

How do you pick the photographers you work with? What technical qualities are you looking for in a photographer?

Creativity and storytelling are the most important factor, as for technical qualities, the photographer has to detailed-oriented, have good tools and software, and know-how to best use them.

Where is your dream location for a shoot? Why do you pick this location? What are the attributes of this location that makes it special?

Italy, Rome. The colosseum, flawed, yet striking and breath-taking. I would choose the location based on its history regarding female gladiators, although very little is recorded about them, it just goes to show that women can be women, even in a man’s world.

Are there any South African subcultures that have a style that intrigues you? Can you describe their style and why you’re drawn to them?

Afropolitan / Afrocentric, but its more about the aesthetics, the animal skin, beads, prints. It is saying, “I am Africa, in both heart and mind”. It is also investing in Brand Africa, especially for the future generation.

If you had to choose the perfect image that represents the type of images and aesthetic quality that defines you, which one would you choose and why?

Leila from ANTM (America’s Next Top Model)

One of my strengths as a model is being versatile. I do not have a type of aesthetic that defines me. I just want my images to speak! The image provided below is Leila from ANTM, strutting her stuff, at a life-threatening waterfall. The picture to me says, ’External challenges, whatever we may face in this life, are temporary, but internal qualities such as emotional strength is forever.’



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