Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Can you form the best image-making team in fashion?

The object of the game is to have infinite winners and to win infinitely. There’s no end. We want to keep the game going forever.


1. Assemble a small team of 3-5 members for a short-term project to create or alter fashion images.

2. Team members are either “newcomers” – people who have not previously participated in any teams or are established “incumbents” – experienced people in fashion who have previously participated on a team together (worked together). 

3. Choose each member sequentially (newcomer, incumbent, newcomer, incumbent), if you can’t find a newcomer choose an incumbent from people you have collaborated with before, it can be random. 

4. Grow the number of winners by inviting and collaborating with newcomers and incumbents from all over the world on as many teams as you want to participate in creating as many fashion images as you like. Your success is measured by how many other people succeed. We will try to keep our servers running, lol ?

5. Post your fashion images on Modelrecs. Increase the number of winners in the world. Register here.

Teams can be made up of photographers, models, artists, stylists, creative directors, art directors, retouchers, publications, wardrobe, makeup artists, hair stylists, influencers, casting directors, bloggers, agents, agencies.



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